What are the futures of sex, gender and sexuality?


How were futures imagined in the past?

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Registration closes: 31 May
Conference: 27-28 June

For location and travel information, please see the University of Surrey’s visitor page.

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Call for papers

FUTURESEX 2018: University of Surrey, 27th-28th June


For info:

We seek to interrogate the shifting norms of sex, gender and sexuality, while questioning how research methodologies can properly attend to these shifts. The conference’s focus straddles historical, contemporary and future imaginations, and thus encourages interdisciplinary contributions. The conference will be an inclusive and welcoming event for those interested in sex, gender and sexuality. We welcome submissions from early career academics, students and academic-activists as well as those established in academic careers.

We are delighted to welcome 2 exciting keynote speakers: Dr Kate Lister (Leeds Trinity University) and Prof Katherine Johnson (Brighton University).

We invite proposals relating to any aspect of sex, gender and/or sexuality in the past/present and/or future, topics may include but are not limited to:

– Intersectionalities of sex, gender and sexuality
– Sex in art, history and literature
– Integrating and interrogating sex in psychology and the social sciences
– The politics of voice and silence in sexual stories
– The sexed and gendered past: real and imagined
– The sexual futures of humans and machines
– The (re)production of stereotypes
– Sexual communities beyond LGBT
– Past and future of queer theories
– Work, sex and diversity
– Archiving and preserving sexualities
– New approaches and methodologies
– Sex, gender and sexuality activism

The event will include networking and development opportunities for PGRs and ECRs.

Cost: £60. This includes lunch and refreshments on both days.

Any queries, please email futuresex2018@gmail.com

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Thank you to the University of Surrey’s Doctoral College, and the departments of Sociology, Psychology, and Languages and Literature for financial support of the event.

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